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Bento 1.1

June 22, 2010

I decided to do a different take on Bento during our mexican inspired vegetarian dinner.  The spanish rice was made at home and then formed with rice molds into bite sized shapes.  The tortillas were handmade from scratch and formed into miniature “two-bite” size tortillas.   This entire meal is vegetarian.  While I can’t share the secret to the tortillas, as they are my mother-in-law’s recipe, I will share the rest.  The spanish rice was made by cooking 2 cups of jasmine rice in my rice cooker.  I then mixed in a can of HOT diced tomatos mixed with Habaneros and a little bit of salsa to add more red color.  The “meat” is from Morningstar Farms and was cooked in a skillet with extra chili powder and paprika seasoning.  I just love the little individual packs of salsa and quacamole that I picked up from a local organic store.  Hope you Enjoy!

Bento Box Ingredient Breakdown:

Box #1: Salsa Pack – 3 “two-bite” size veggie fajita tacos

Box #2: 4 spanish rice bites – Quacamole 100 calorie pack.

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  1. Jay Rey permalink
    June 22, 2010 2:21 am

    Those star rice look tasty! Star Sushi in the future?

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